• 400 % Re-marketing and Youtubers increased sales by 400%
  • 100% automation of content thanks to connections to the Pohoda ERP and Comgate warehouse system
  • 5-fold increase in the number of visitors during a PPC campaign by FG
  • 10 language versions
  • 2ND PLACE in IEA 2019 competition

What does the client say about us?

“What I appreciate the most is that Forrest were fully available to help us not only before the e-shop launched, but also afterwards, and they continue to provide us with the same quality of service to this day in the form of follow-up online marketing. First, we used market surveys to identify what benefits from our products were considered by customers to be the most important. We then used this information in a PPC campaign. And the efficiency of this campaign managed by FG has been excellent.”

Vladimír Kadlec,
4K-company executive

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