We help

Within the last five years we have given a total of CZK 500,000 to charities and sponsoring and employees collected another CZK 200,000. Together we like to help and get involved in projects where we can see some sense and long-term benefit. And because our home is still Náchod, we help especially in the region of Hradec Králové.

Endowment fund of Zdeňka Žádníková

We have been cooperating with the fund of Zdeňka Žádníková since 2008 and during that time they have managed to make the walls at the children wards in Náchod and Strakonice nicer thanks to the original paintings. Both projects were very successful with both the children patients and the parents and nursing staff.

University in Hradec Králové

University in Hradec Králové just has a good sound. The Faculty of information technology and management received an award for Faculty of the year in 2015 and we are very happy that a lot of their graduates work for us. For the students of this university, we regularly organize professional lectures, provide them with consultations for bachelor and diploma theses and take part in the HIT career job fair. We have also organized several competitions for its students and graduates.

SPŠE Dobruška

We know how difficult it is to find skillful and experienced programmers or designers on the job market. That’s why we are trying to raise the best IT specialists from the very beginning. For several years, we have been supporting the secondary school students from SPŠE in Dobruška and try to get them excited about the on-line and IT field at lectures, excursions to our company or targeted support of trainees.

Sport club Nové Město nad Metují

We are also a proud partner of Sport club in Nové Město nad Metují. We have given the visual direction to the traditional athletics meeting called Velká Cena (Grand Prix) which belonged to the extra-league competition. It’s the same with the Championship of the Czech Republic in athletics of teams organized by the Sport club.

The Primary Art School Náchod

Not only programming and designing websites makes a person feel alive. That’s why we support all talented children attending the Primary Art School in Náchod, whatever their field of activity is.

Run for a good thing with RunCzech

We know the famous motto “Run, Forrest, run!” very well. The runners from Forrest have joined the RunCzech races and Prague International Marathon (our long-term client) races for many years. One of those races is also “A run for a good thing”.

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