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We work very closely with our clients to develop tailor-made websites and e-shops. Our team takes ownership of the project all stages of development from idea to roll out, ensuring customer satisfaction. We consult, conceptualize, plan, sketch, program, and code each software solution in house. We incorporate responsive design that allows maximum visibility and usability, regardless of electronic device or operating system (mobile phones, tablets, computers). We comprehensively test our products, fully support their launch, provide second-to-none service, evaluate their performance and continually improve them. We deliver long-term, high-tech solutions that help streamline your communication channels, increase your traffic and increase your profits. Let us help you create e-business tools designed to build your future.

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Your e-shop needs to reach new and current customers. It needs to be profitable. It needs to be easy to use. It needs to work flawlessly, and it needs to reduce operating and service expenses. Our e-shops do just that. We work with you to find a solution for your business, design it, program it and test it. Afterwards, we provide you with the powerful Edee e-commerce tool that will make the administration and maintenance of your Internet shop a pleasure.


Bespoke websites are our specialty. We have been creating high-end websites for over twenty years and no matter what your needs, we can deliver. Company presentations, blogs, micro sites an education portals are just a few examples of past projects. We guarantee a modern website that meets your individual needs and has an original yet functional design, consistent with all devices from desktop computers to smart phones. We will also add the Edee editorial system.


An intranet should be a lively channel for your employees and provide a social media platform that becomes an organic part of your business environment. It becomes a tool to help distribute internal communications while simultaneously working to establish community. And that’s exactly the kind of intranets we make at FG Forrest. We design and produce the stage for your company. The content is up to you. We manage content using the Edee editorial system.


A lot of well thought-out work is required in order to make it easy for users to eventually be able to find what they are looking for and make their purchase in just a few clicks. And such work begins with a detailed analysis, which allows us to figure out the target group’s shopping habits, as well as their likely future trends. We then adapt the architecture, design and content of the new website or e-shop to better fit their profile.

Architecture and Design

Another important step is the design of the new solution’s structure and visual appearance. We specify a typical user, prepare a clickable prototype and design the graphics. After that, we test, test and then test some more – because you can’t find anything out unless you do testing. And after that, we’ll have a preliminary study and the complete project specifications prepared just for you.

Content creation

Without engaging content, you will simply not attract users to your website. We’ll help you with a long-term content strategy. We’ll create texts and videos that will convert hesitant visitors into your customers. Engage their attention with a 360° product presentation and surprise them with extended reality (XR).

On-line Marketing

A website is the first step, but how can you ensure it is well visited by potential customers? How can you influence their behavior, the frequency of their visits and then convert them to paying customers? How can you be sure that you are profiting from your investment? We can work with you to create on-line marketing campaigns specifically designed to help you exceed your key performance indicators.

Innovative Support – Analysis and Consultation

What you don't measure, you won't control. And what you don’t control can lead you to places where you really don’t want to be. But with us, there is no such risk. We use numerous data collection tools, and with the help of a follow-up analysis, we will then suggest websites and campaigns that will lead you to your desired results.

Server Administration and Operation

We build some extraordinarily complex and demanding websites that deal with large volumes of data and elaborate functionality. Even in such cases, we guarantee faultless operation. You don’t need to worry about lost visitors or missed orders. We solve client requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no exceptions. Each change always goes through extensive testing, so when it is implemented, we know it will work perfectly. Maximum attention is given to the security of all our solutions to ensure your data is safe. Our work is far from over when we launch the web.

Other Products

At Forrest, we are continuously working on our own products and their development. In addition to the Edee CMS publishing system and the Edee Shop, we designed and built our proprietary analytic tool, Monkey Tracker, to record and visualize the behavior of visitors.

Your project can also become a long-term success!

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