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In-house Development

The foundation of our success comes from our strong development team who have created our flagship proprietary content management system, Edee.one. This platform gives us the freedom, stability and room to develop new ideas and concepts that come from our employees and clients. Our internal team also uses automated penetration and stress tests to ensure that websites created by our company are safe and secure.


We are experienced in administering extensive projects with multiple websites connected to other systems (CRM, ERP, DMS). We are able to easily create and reliably administer entire families of interconnected websites. You can be sure that very few companies have that ability.

High Quality Content

A website without content is like a song without a melody or a detective story without a plot. It simply doesn’t work. When creating websites, we don’t only think like IT specialists. We think more holistically, connecting the whole process to activities like copywriting, SEO, content strategy, e-mail marketing, etc. Our goal is to find a balance where form and content come together in harmony.

Technical Support

Round-the-clock technical support and administration of our servers with guaranteed 99.9% access is a matter of course for us. We have built such an excellent reputation in this area that our customers ask us to consult on and coordinate their own extensive projects.

The Forrest Team

All this wouldn’t be possible without them. Each Forrest player is unique and is a source of specific experience that is poured into the great reservoir of Forrest know-how. Behind every project, you find a lot of life stories, lessons, victories and, of course, occasional disappointments. We continue to learn, grow, and improve every day. That experience, motivation, and drive flows into every new project.

24 Years of Experience

From a company started in a garage in the town of Hronov where we produced multimedia CDs, to a well-established internet agency with over 70 employees in Prague, Náchod and Hradec Králové. That is our true success story.

How It Used to Be.

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