The list of our clients who we have worked with since 1996 would be very long so we present you some who influenced us the most.

University of Hradec Králové

Website with intranet features, e-mailing and e-shop. Clearly arranged information for applicants, students and the public.


The largest bus operator in the Czech Republic. Seven websites in one.

Hami Club for Moms

A portal about pregnancy and parenthood not only for mothers.
Tens of thousands of returning visitors, thousands of newly registered users.

Warhorse - Kingdom Come

A global gaming hit with a multilingual website by FG. Over a million copies sold with our own fair share of help.

Vantage Film

Vantage Film supplies the best camera lenses for Hollywood movies, among others. And it expects the quality of its website to reflect that.


Website for a world-renowned manufacturer of ultralight aircraft. Presentation of machines for the world champion in stunt flying and other clients.


Website design and concept for an insurance broker. A three-time winner of the “Broker of the Year” award is commited to a perfect website presentation.


A presentation for intelligent underfloor heating. A standardised solution for a smaller company website.


Websites for authorized retailers with a unified design. 30 websites for dealers, Used Cars and Test Drives all under Edee CMS.


Presentation of elements for decorative walls, pavements and small buildings. Product catalog, inspirational photos, support for designers.

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