• DESIGN corresponding to the world-renowned Moser
  • COPYWRITING supporting sales in CZ and EN
  • UNIQUE WORKS of Czech glassmakers available to order online
  • A TURNOVER OF A MILLION a month from the launch

Solution description


    Moser glass belongs to the collections of royal families, presidencies, the Vatican, the United Nations and Oriental rulers. The glassworks from Karlovy Vary completely changed its approach to crystal glass 160 years ago, and it came up with another revolutionary concept of colours at the beginning of the 20th century. The glassworks has retained traditional production methods and 100% hand-made glass to this day. However, when the Coronavirus crisis came in the spring of 2020, Moser’s sales stopped overnight. No one was sure whether such luxurious and expensive goods could be sold online. But it had to be tried.


    At FG, we had the task of producing an e-shop that would correspond to the prestige of the Moser brand, fill it with content and launch it in time to manage the pre-Christmas season. It seemed impossible, but the e-shop really generated millions in turnover in the first month when it started in November, with the glassworks’ sales returning to pre-COVID levels by January. It was a great success and we continue to work closely with the client. We are currently preparing a unique configurator in which customers from all over the world can design a glass work of art according to their own ideas, at least to a certain extent.

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