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Maybe you’re telling yourself that this is the best time to move forward in life. Why not try it in a company where everyone is their own person, and where people work and play hard?


Firstly: We grant ourselves freedom

Quality requirements and compliance with deadlines are the only strict rules which you will encounter in our company. Everything else can be arranged by the individual in a way that suits them.

So, for example, we have flexible working hours, i.e. anyone may interrupt their work at any time to sort out their private affairs or play sports. We have freedom in career growth, and everyone can try various directions and positions. Freedom of choice of technology also reigns in our company. The team itself will decide if it prefers jQuery or React, and if it wants to use a relational database or Elasticsearch. It’s the result of the project, not the chosen technology, that’s important.

We also allow ourselves freedom in processes. That means that we have set only basic processes and rules. Nevertheless, we can quickly agree on everything that’s important. We also practice freedom in communication, which we approach informally and democratically – everyone who has something to say can participate in the discussion and help find a solution. And finally, in our company, we don’t dogmatically cling to the place from which you will work. It can be from home, from a specific branch – everything depends purely on your agreement with your superior. But, to be fair, we should add that – particularly in the case of newcomers to the company – it’s often essential for them to sit beside someone experienced and learn. Nevertheless, as time goes by, there will also be more and more opportunities for you to avail yourself of the benefits of home office. All the more because you can access company data anywhere over the internet.

Secondly: We profess creativity

We’re creative in everything we do. The realization of large projects for major brands is not even possible without creative work.

When a large web application is growing before your eyes, from the initial concepts to the launch, you’ll understand how much creative energy such an object devours. That’s one of the reasons why everyone in our company has the opportunity to include their ideas, processes and solutions in projects – we cannot afford to cling to dogmas. We’re interested in the result, not the path to it.

We are our clients’ direct partner. We prefer our own solutions, products and services, and we create from our own sources and with our own know-how. We have an internal team of designers for UX and application graphics. We develop our own products (e.g. Edee.one), and everyone can come up with an idea for a new solution (for example, that’s how Monkey Tracker was born). And if you like writing, you can participate in publishing on the company blog or social networks. What’s more, if you have the courage, you can represent the Forrests at professional conferences.

Thirdly: We stick together

If there’s something truly typical of the Forrests, then it’s primarily their strong team spirit. In our company, you won’t find individualistic superstars who work night and day on their personal PR.

Instead, we all strive to deliver top-class work to our clients. After all, it’s a perfect result, not the list of renowned names signed underneath it, that they expect from us. We don’t do any body shopping either – we deliver solutions, not people.

We’re not a group of individualists, and we share our know-how with one another. We draw from one another, we let ourselves be inspired by completed projects, we organise hackathons and we help one another. When you join us, you’ll understand what an advantage that is. You’ll be supported by a team of experienced professionals who will appreciate your contributions and advise you when you find something difficult. You’ll have room to constantly move forward and learn new things, as well as enrich others.

We spend a lot of time together; we have fun, play sports and have discussions together. We behave fairly. We listen. And we don’t keep financial results secret. We distribute part of the profits among the employees every year.

Fourthly: We create a supportive environment

We’re a medium-sized and stable company, which has a twenty-year-old history behind it and certainly also a future (given its size and number of clients) in front of it.

In short, to have among your customers companies such as ČEZ, Komerční banka, McDonald’s, Bernard, Buřinka, Fraus, Sparta, etc., creates conditions for a stable environment. We sometimes find that newcomers are not used to a regular salary. In our company, it’s absolutely a matter of course. Remuneration for performed work is always paid regularly and without delay.

Pleasant working conditions and top-class equipment are also important for us. Our branches in Prague, Hradec Králové and Náchod are located in beautiful environments and are perfectly furnished. You’ll be sitting on Herman Miller chairs, and you can choose between Lenovo and iMac notebooks and Windows, MacOS and Linux systems. 24” NEC monitors, IntelliJ Idea and Google Apps are waiting for you… and there’s lots more that we don’t have room for here.

We also provide education (both English language and professional), training and conferences. You can draw 5 weeks’ holidays and other optional benefits from the company cafeteria. We contribute to the cost of meals. We provide unlimited water and coffee :-)

Fifthly: We play sports and we’re together

We play sports. Just for the fun of it. For fun, for the joy of movement, for the opportunity to spend time together somewhere else than in front of a computer monitor.

So we organise collective cycling outings, running relays, water sports and rafting. We also regularly hold informal meetings. At the same time, however, our concept of team building is nothing to be afraid of. Although it’s optional, people participate in large numbers. That’s because it really is quite good fun. Our sporting activities are not at all about achieving certain performances. The point is to relax and do something together. Nobody in our company will care that you’re not an active athlete.

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