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We use cookies on this website. More information about how we work with cookies can be found below.

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Office at Pernerova 635/57, Praha 8, recorded in the Commercial Register of the Municipal /Regional Court in Prague, Section B, Entry No 6941, Corporate ID: 2529 0568, Tax ID: CZ25290568.

What cookies are and what they are used for

Cookies are text files that store certain information for a limited time period. When you access the respective website for the first time, your browser automatically downloads and stores these files on your device (telephone, tablet or computer). A cookie contains at least two components, specifically its file name and a value. Usually, it also contains the date on which it will be automatically deleted (this is set based on the planned lifetime of the file). Cookies can be divided into session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are automatically deleted as soon as the respective session ends. Persistent cookies remains stored in your computer for the entire lifetime of respective cookie and are not deleted until the end of their respective period.

Cookies are designed to make users’ visits to a website easier and more user-friendly. Cookies save your preferred settings and, if you return to the respective site again, allow the site to “remember” which products you last placed in your cart or enable the site to be automatically displayed with your preferred configuration or in the preferred font size.

What types of cookies we use

  • Technical, functional
    These cookies are necessary for us to show you our website and for the website to work as it should (e.g., to display our content in your preferred configuration – for example, in a particular language – or to otherwise make your browsing experience easier)
  • Analytical
    These cookies help us analyse how our website works in terms of visitor behaviour; the website can then be adapted and modified based on this analysis.
  • Marketing
    These cookies allow us or third parties to customise our service menu after your visit; such a menu may also then be displayed to you outside our website.

Why we can process cookies

We can work with technical and functional cookies under law. We would not be able to provide our services to you without them.

Analytical cookies enable us to process our “legitimate interest” under the law. However, we, of course, cannot force you in any way into such processing, and you can object to it (contact details are provided above). You can stop the processing of these cookies at any time by browsing the website in an anonymous mode, or by disabling them in your browser settings.

Marketing cookies may be processed by us based on your consent. We assume your consent from your browser settings. You can stop the processing of these cookies at any time by browsing the website in an anonymous mode, or by disabling them in your browser settings.

How to prevent the use of cookies

The cookies we collect in order to measure web traffic and generate statistics regarding web traffic and visitor behaviour on our website are considered as an aggregate, i.e., in a form that does not enable us to identify a website visitor as an individual.

Cookies necessary for the website to be functional are always stored only for the time period necessary for its functioning. You can also modify your browser settings to enable cookies to be used in a way that better suits your needs. Most browsers enable you to accept or delete all cookies or allow the use of certain types of cookies only. You can prevent cookies from being stored in your device by selecting the “Do not accept cookies” option in your browser settings.

More information about individual browsers and deleting/configuring cookies:

Rejecting all cookies may result in functional limitations on certain websites.


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