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20,000 EUR
200,000+ EUR

Smaller website

4,000–12,000 EUR

Static product microsite, or a simple website for a small company. In a basic graphic template, without a complicated order or other form.

Medium-sized website

20,000–40,000 EUR

Prestigious tailored company website with a unique design and interactive elements.

Various levels of rights for the insertion and approval of text and multimedia content in the CMS platform

Extensive connected website

40,000–200,000 EUR

An extensive website with a multilevel menu, exceptional design, and connection to external systems. licence, enabling management by tens to hundreds of editors, wide range of options for creating forms and microsites, reservation system.

Web application for the most demanding users

over 200,000 EUR

Corporate web solution with complex integration with external applications, for example including a customer zone for servicing hundreds of thousands or even millions of the client’s customers. Includes an multilicence for the creation and advanced management of other microsites, e‑mailing and e‑commerce solutions.

28,000 EUR
200,000+ EUR

Small e‑shop

28,000–60,000 EUR

Tailored design
100+ products

A smaller e‑shop, with a tailored design and basic connection to an information system. Usually sells thousands of products, and mostly earns one million to the lower tens of millions CZK annually. Suitable for clients whose needs have exceeded the capabilities of the platform they are currently using, and who want to grow intensively.

Medium or larger e‑shop

60,000–100,000 EUR

Tailored design
10,000+ products

A medium or larger e‑shop with a tailored connection to an accounting or ERP system, also includes a CMS platform for managing the website’s extensive editorial content. Sells tens of thousands of products, receipts of up to tens of millions of crowns. An ideal foundation for long‑term collaboration.

Number one in the field

100,000–200,000 EUR

Fine‑tuned tailored design
100,000+ products

Extensive B2C/B2B e‑commerce solution for number ones in the field - our main sphere of activity. Two‑way data exchange with external systems, sales of up to hundreds of thousands of products, close connection of the e‑shop with the website’s editorial content in shared CMS.

Number one in the field at home and abroad

over 200,000 EUR

Fine‑tuned tailored design
100,000+ products

Comprehensive solution for companies with multinational ambitions. It includes the best of what we’ve learned in over 20 years in web design, e‑commerce, application development and system integration.

20,000 EUR
200,000 EUR

Basic communication and sharing tool

20,000–40,000 EUR

Basic web interface for internal communication and sharing of information. Up to hundreds of users, connection to a personnel or other information system.

Standard intranet with advanced features

40,000–80,000 EUR

Extensive intranet for up to thousands of users, with dozens authorised to edit personalised content, enables the intensive connection of the operator with suppliers/customers.

Tailored solutions, including connection to partners

80,000–200,000 EUR

Comprehensive solution in multiple language versions, sharing information from the intranet to the website in a shared CMS For a large company with dozens of branches, thousands of employees and a wide network of partners, with the option of setting various access rights.

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