• A SITE THAT LOADS LIGHTNING-FAST thanks to the NEXT.js framework
  • SIMPLE MANAGEMENT on a modern and continually updated Edee.one CMS platform
  • A MODERN DESIGN that lets customers navigate quickly and order easily. On computers and mobile devices
  • SEO for better rankings in search results

Solution description

  • A Project that Naturally Included Thorough Analysis

    We had numerous meetings with Kooperativa at which we clarified their requirements for the site’s functionality, design and technical solution. Without this careful preparation and ongoing evaluation, we could never have created a site that fully met Kooperativa’s vision. Analysing and consulting on proposals is a fundamental part of practically all of our projects, because through this we eliminate the need to redo projects and revise budgets. Kooperativa’s website went through three testing rounds for the design’s UX that confirmed it was as fast as possible for users and that they could quickly find everything that they were looking for.

  • An Exceptionally Swift Path to Ordering Insurance

    Kooperativa’s website runs on the Edee.one CMS and e-commerce platform. This has let us include selected online applications and a calculator for ordering an insurance product of customer’s choice directly on the site. And its high technical advancement also ensures that all of the content loads lightning-fast and that visitors can start ordering insurance without delay. That means increased customer satisfaction with the insurance ordering process and, the estimates say, will mean more orders of insurance products. Also, thanks to Edee’s flexibility, administrators can add or edit pages easily. That brings Kooperativa major savings on the management of the new site.

What does the client say about us?

“It has been a joy working with FG Forrest. They are a team of experienced professionals who know how to perfectly map the needs of both the client and its customers and transform them into something that’s material. In the digital sense. Work on the new Kooperativa website was a challenge both for us and FG. But thanks to high enthusiasm and systematic project management, we all managed to quickly tame the huge quantity of data and our site’s complex structure and perform a well-organised migration into the practical Edee.one CMS. Now we can handle a large part of the website’s future edits on our own – and thus keep the content consistently up to date for our clients. FG has also created a new website design that not only underlines our brand communication but also, and above all, is clear and intuitive.”

Veronika Bednářová, 

Online marketing specialist / marketing and communication department, Kooperativa pojišťovna, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group

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