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Website design – that's our true love! We've dedicated ourselves to it for over 24 years. We've learned a lot over the years. It doesn't matter whether you need a company website, product microsite or educational portal. We'll build a website for you without compromise: with a graphic design that stands out, intuitive controls, and easy administration in the Edee.one editorial system.

I want a new website

Graphics that set you apart

Our top designers will design your website to stand out among the flood of competitors' websites. It doesn't matter whether visitors will view it on a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet – with a responsive design, we'll ensure that it's equally comfortable to use for everyone. The uniqueness of the websites from our workshop is evidenced, among other things by the dozens of professional awards that we received for them.

Structure tailored to users

When developing every website, we start with gaining a thorough knowledge of the client and their target groups. Together with you, we'll describe typical users and then adapt the information architecture and UX solutions to their preferences. Your customers are the most important people; they have to like the website, and be able to find the information they need as quickly as possible.

Versatile administration

More than 1,000 websites and other types of online solutions have already been created on the Edee.one CMS platform. It is adaptable to projects of all sizes, from a small company website, through a corporate presentation, to an extensive portal. Edee.one can be used by anyone who doesn't want to remain bound by the limitations of free content management systems, and pursues truly high goals with their website.

Connection with external systems

Do you want to store the contact details of the requesters from the web form directly in your information system? Need to share frequently asked questions arriving by email with call centre staff? Or do you want to integrate web data with other systems? We'll set up any connections you like – we have extensive experience with integration thanks to practice in e‑commerce.

Continuous service and development

With the launch of every new website, our cooperation with the client moves to the next phase, equally important as the preceding development: We'll provide webhosting and start tracking traffic data. Our analysts then continuously derive recommendations from them on how to improve your website. We've been working in this way for over 10 years for many clients – proof that our goal is always long-term benefits

Campaign management

In order to ensure the websites we develop are seen by as many people as possible, we work to promote them. We know how to design and manage truly effective internet campaigns, whether your budget is a few thousand, or hundreds of thousands. We'll deploy your investment in PPC advertising on search engines and social media, hereby you'll be able to keep track of how well an element of your campaign is paying off at any given time in our DATLOOK online interface.

What’s your project budget, and what can you expect to get for it?

Planned budget

Smaller website

4,000–12,000 EUR

Static product microsite, or a simple website for a small company. In a basic graphic template, without a complicated order or other form.

Medium-sized website

20,000–40,000 EUR

Prestigious tailored company website with a unique design and interactive elements.

Various levels of rights for the insertion and approval of text and multimedia content in the CMS platform Edee.one.

Extensive connected website

40,000–200,000 EUR

An extensive website with a multilevel menu, exceptional design, and connection to external systems. Edee.one licence, enabling management by tens to hundreds of editors, wide range of options for creating forms and microsites, reservation system.

Web application for the most demanding users

over 200,000 EUR

Corporate web solution with complex integration with external applications, for example including a customer zone for servicing hundreds of thousands or even millions of the client’s customers. Includes an Edee.one multilicence for the creation and advanced management of other microsites, e‑mailing and e‑commerce solutions.

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Do you want a truly tailored website, with timeless graphics and no limits?

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