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As soon as we launch a new website for you, our analysts will start measuring and evaluating whether it is achieving the set goals, i.e. bringing you new customers. If we reveal any weakness, we'll recommend proven solutions and what to improve – where to adjust the structure or navigation, how to add content, what to do with campaigns, etc. We'll regularly consult with you on how to constantly develop your website.

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A treasure named analytics

We formulate our analytical and consulting conclusions exclusively on the basis of objective data. We'll advise you on how to adapt your website, application or campaign, how to improve the website's information structure, increase user comfort, and make the content more attractive. In short, everything that will help you increase your profits.

Measure twice, cut once

Together with you, we'll determine what KPIs (key performance indicators) we'll monitor. Then we'll set up KPI measurements in analytical tools, monitor their development and evaluate the results.

Measurement complete – what next?

For us measurement is by far not the end. We're looking for the causes and effects of the obtained data, for hidden connections. We also monitor competitors' web traffic, thanks to which we can find weak points and recommend proven solutions to fix them.

Wondering how to increase your website's or e-shop's performance? How to attract customers? We'll advise you on what to change, create a strategic plan and realise it.


We use a variety of analytics software, starting with Google Analytics (including Enhanced Ecommerce), to HotJar (heatmaps of movement and visitors' clicks on the site) and Mapp Intelligence (traffic monitoring and analysis based on raw non-aggregated data, with a link to advertising and remarketing systems, options of personalizing content for defined groups of visitors, etc.).


Those who don’t attempt anything may not spoil anything, but they certainly won't gain anything either. We test from the first information structure and wireframe design, subjecting everything to user testing on a sample of real users, for example using a heatmap and an eye camera. Based on this knowledge, we'll create a modified wireframe that will respect target groups' user preferences even more. And that's only the beginning!

A few interesting numbers

Consultations with us have already brought clients

  • 35% faster route to finalizing a purchase
  • 73% increase in revenue
  • 80% increase in the number of visitors to the website
  • 217% increase in online orders
  • 240% increase in the number of appointments arranged online

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