Online stores creationTailor-made and without restrictions

We'll build you a truly functional e-shop, enabling you to expand smoothly as your demands grow. You'll be able to focus on your business. and not have to deal with the technical shortcomings of a cheap “ready-made” solution that would actually end up costing your dearly.

I want a new e-shop

For large B2B and small B2C

We use the modular e‑commerce platform, which can be scaled to suit every e-shop: you choose only the functionality that you'll need immediately and in the near future. As your e-shop grows, and needs more and more functions, it won't be a problem to gradually extend them.

Individual design

Don't expect templates from us. We'll give every e‑shop a distinctive and impressive graphic design. Of course, the design will be responsive so that mobile phone and tablet users are not deprived of any features, and can shop as easily as visitors using traditional computers.

Editorial content connected to the e-shop

You can edit both the product catalogue, and web pages outside the e-shop, from one place. For example, if you want to inspire customers to buy with professional articles, recipes or photo or video galleries. In the administration, you'll also be able to create templates for your newsletters, manage contact addresses and evaluate e-mail offers to customers.

Integration with ERP/CRM systems

In addition to connecting to Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce, various payment gateways (including GP webpay, GoPay, PayU) and logistics systems (ComGate, Balíkobot, etc.), we have managed integration with the accounting and information systems Pohoda, Money S5, Helios, SAP and others. Through XML feeds, you can also connect with so-called products comparators. And if necessary, we'll connect your e‑shop to any other system.

An open system with source codes

Do you want to not only gain access to the source code, but also own it? With us, they're both matter of course. And if you don't want to connect with a company that only provides its own CMS & e‑commerce platform, because leaving it in the future could be a problem, don’t worry: you can transfer the e-shop created under to another implementation partner.

25+ let

24 years with successful companies

The e-commerce solution from FG Forrest has gained the trust of companies that are leaders in their fields: the largest Czech textbook publisher, FRAUS, and the largest organic food store, Our "flagship" online store was announced the most effective e-shop in the Internet Effectiveness Awards 2019 competition. Our clients' business is constantly growing – join them!

What’s your project budget, and what can you expect to get for it?

Planned budget

Small e‑shop

28,000–60,000 EUR

Tailored design
100+ products

A smaller e‑shop, with a tailored design and basic connection to an information system. Usually sells thousands of products, and mostly earns one million to the lower tens of millions CZK annually. Suitable for clients whose needs have exceeded the capabilities of the platform they are currently using, and who want to grow intensively.

Medium or larger e‑shop

60,000–100,000 EUR

Tailored design
10,000+ products

A medium or larger e‑shop with a tailored connection to an accounting or ERP system, also includes a CMS platform for managing the website’s extensive editorial content. Sells tens of thousands of products, receipts of up to tens of millions of crowns. An ideal foundation for long‑term collaboration.

Number one in the field

100,000–200,000 EUR

Fine‑tuned tailored design
100,000+ products

Extensive B2C/B2B e‑commerce solution for number ones in the field - our main sphere of activity. Two‑way data exchange with external systems, sales of up to hundreds of thousands of products, close connection of the e‑shop with the website’s editorial content in shared CMS.

Number one in the field at home and abroad

over 200,000 EUR

Fine‑tuned tailored design
100,000+ products

Comprehensive solution for companies with multinational ambitions. It includes the best of what we’ve learned in over 20 years in web design, e‑commerce, application development and system integration.

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