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Three things play a crucial role in online marketing from FG Forrest. Our know-how, built over many years, our clever marketing heads' fresh ideas, and most of all a lot of systematic work every day. Sell more products and services with us with lower advertising costs!

Tireless care

We devote what under Czech circumstances is unprecedented intensive care to internet campaigns. We rely on many years of experience, new knowledge and useful software tools. However, the foundation remains the hard work of our marketing specialists, who will do practically anything (within the limits of the law) to increase your conversion rate.

Cost optimization

A completely ordinary internet campaign can contain several hundred active advertisements, all in various systems, formats and variants. Our daily concern is to find out which ads work best, and then provide them with the best possible budget. The inefficient ones, on the other hand, we'll terminate.

Youtube & the blogosphere

You'll also find bloggers and Youtubers in our media mix. By the latter we mean internet celebrities who influence the youngest generation. Classic bloggers (for example, positive reviews) can not only help spread awareness about your product, but also improve your site’s search engine rankings through backlinks.

You pay less, yet earn more. This is our online marketing slogan – and it’s completely true!


E-mail campaigns are still among the most effective. Combined with well-established PPC campaigns, newsletters are becoming a particularly effective marketing weapon. In Forrest, we have an e-mailing module available directly in the Edee.one CMS, in which we'll prepare e-mail templates, automated mailing scenarios or distribution groups for you. Moreover, with statistics regarding every distribution available directly in Edee.one.

PPC campaigns

Do you like AdWords, Sklik, Facebook, Instragram, Youtube or even maybe product comparators? We'll select the most suitable channels for your brand and performance campaigns and then launch PPC Armagedon in them..... or we'll tune the settings, text and targeting of the ads until they play one of our popular hits. For example, this includes a high ROI (return on investment) or an optimal cost to turnover ratio.


Have you ever bought pet food for your four-legged friend, and only to find dog food is now chasing you across the internet? That's remarketing. But it can also be done in a way that isn't annoying. It can then encourage further purchases, or serve as a reminder for those who only viewed the goods. And thanks to dynamic remarketing, users can only be offered products that they have shown interest in, i.e. no more general advertisement “carpet bombing raids”.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

The web is a beautiful thing, but without people it doesn't make much sense. Visitors can be attracted by PPC advertising, but it's even better if they come by themselves through search engines. That's what SEO, or search engine optimization, is for. By analysing keywords, we find out what terms people search for most often. Copywriters then create engaging and relevant textual content that search engines love and that people like to click on, which search engines love even more. And your journey onwards and upwards can begin!

A few interesting numbers

Here are a few prized cherries from our marketing orchard:

  • 15% reduction in average cost-per-click
  • 23% more efficient use of PPC costs
  • 30% more effective ad targeting
  • 40% increase in CTR (click-through rate) for campaigns
  • over 60% increase in campaign conversion rates
  • 79% increase in sales since the launch of the campaigns
  • 2,500% return on newsletter costs


You don’t have time to hunt for data in Google Analytics, export results from Google Ads, Sklik, Facebook and other advertising systems, and make spreadsheets from them yourself to gain insight into how your online campaigns work? If you earn more than what you put into them? This is exactly what Datlook offers – an automated online overview that we'll tailor-make for you.

We increase sales by dozens
of percent for clients. Join them!

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