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Why they have chosen the FG Forrest team…

We specialise in making comprehensive transaction websites, e-shops and intranets. Everything we do is high quality, solid, precise, functional and modern… And we have quite long experience in what we do. We design, create, fine tune and test websites. Later, we measure their rates of success. But this is probably not the main reason why our clients choose us. We create the websites with an understanding of our clients’ business. We collaborate on the websites, so that our clients have as good a feeling as we have.

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It’s important that each website created by us has a dash of our own style. We have our own proven processes; we develop our own products and we also have our own approach, which combines technological advancement and creativity. Perhaps that is why our websites and e-shops are so successful in the long term and major companies have been our clients for more than ten years. Choose a goal you want to achieve in the world of the Internet and we will give you a solution to bring you closer to it.

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Our websites are not only appreciated by our customers and their customers but also by the professional public. We have collected about 40 awards from various contests. Do you want to know where we keep the prizes? We hang them on the wall of fame at our Náchod branch (which is the oldest). The wall is almost full of them.


What our clients say about us?

We especially value the flexible approach taken by FG Forrest employees during their nearly year-long process of putting together and completing our new website. The final version of our new website www.rako.cz is high-quality. The new website was also very well received by our clients.

Ing. Pavla Nováková
Communications Manager at LASSELSBERGER, s.r.o.

We especially appreciate the option to personalize the intranet homepage, allowing each user to display information about topics related to their work. For the employer, this represents ideal targeting of information towards specific employees. This as well as other functions of the content management system leads to significant savings in intra-company communication. The creation of new web pages or microsites and defining their target audience is really simple.

Ing. Hana Boušková,
ČEZ Group Intranet Administrator


We regard Forrest as a reliable partner, who in the course of the more than 15-year cooperation has always been trying to meet our requirements and always tried to satisfy our often very specific requirements in the fields of the web solution implementation, subsequent support, procedures and of course security.

Ing. David Šmahel
Manager of Marketing Communication, Komerční banka, a.s.

Right from the very first meeting, we were convinced that Forrest knew what they were doing. They became our partner for web solutions that help get people moving and that show the world what a great place the Czech Republic is.

Carlo Capalbo,
Chair of the Organisation Committee, Prague International Marathon

Both the informative section of the website and the associated e-commerce solution that offers Prague City Tourism services are very popular among users worldwide. Connecting the tourism portal with the e-shop has been our biggest payoff from working with FG Forrest. The e-shop was custom-made to meet our demands and its results are excellent: ROI was achieved after 2 years of operation, with a conversion rate of 7.5% in 2017 that is constantly growing.

Ing. Petr Soukup
Digital Specialist for Prague City Tourism

Thank you and your colleagues for your professional approach and correctness throughout the entire period of cooperation with your company. We're delighted that the site enjoys great interest from the operators, mainly restaurants and hotels. We enter into new and new contracts and we hope that people will soon appreciate the advantages of the OK bonus portal.

Ing. Pavol Jandzík
Director of the company DOXX – Meal vouchers

There are very few Czech agencies that would have stood the test, I have more than ten years in the industry, both on the agency or client side, I know exactly what I want, and I often have maximalist demands - and we continue with FG, what more can I say?

Marek Prchal
ANO Movement

We've been creating long‑term successful websites and e‑shops for more than 20 years.
We're looking forward to working with you as well!

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